20 Best Video Clips #DOMOREWITHLESS# on Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency

20 Best Video Clips #DOMOREWITHLESS# on Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency

SPARE Program is pleased  to introduce the best 20  works of  SPARE International Video Clip Contest   #DOMOREWITHLESS# Y2016. The International Contest was  open for 6 months providing equal opportunities to all SPARE program schools and the  gifted individuals from various secondary schools to create  and upload video clips on energy saving and energy efficient thematic.

It was interesting to see such amount of school children having interest to participate in the contest. Scenarios and  composition  of video-clips  show  how well  the young generation understands  the energy efficient and energy saving issues, and how they contribute to introduce ecofriendly skills among the peers and not only .  The best works have revealed  based on the number of views  and the like count.

SPARE Program  thanks  all authors created and uploaded  their  video clips  on YouTube   regardless the like-based positioning in the contest, and encourages all participants to continue with such enthusiasm.


“How Help Garinich to Recover”- Author Ludmila Send, Moldova.Increasing use of energy drives us to depletion of  natural and energy resources of our planet.  Protection of nature  and rational use of energy resources are the responsibility of each and every person on our planet. 80% of the available energy comes from natural resources the significant part of which is not restorable. 

"Thermogenerator"  - Author  Andrei Yurtsiv, from Nadviriyanski college Yvano-Frankivskyi Region, Ukraine. Video clip was created for the SPARE International Contest.



"Too Much Use of Electricity Harms Health and Budget" -  Author  Yghor Perepich,the 9thB class , №5 Public School of Belarus.




"Lets Save Our  Planet " -  Author  Andreiy Boichuk from Gymnasium of the city Dunaivtsi, Kmelntskyi Oblast (province), Ukraine.




"Save the World" - Author  Illyia Lupulyiak from Gloobotski  Lyceum, Ukraine





"Energy Saving Today Yields Confidence Tomorrow"  - Author Anastasia Verenchikova, N33 State Secondary School of the city Gomel, Belorus. Energy efficiency means to behave and promote energy saving through rational use energy resources.Efficient use of energy and resources means confidence for tomorrow.



"Do not Forget to Switch off the Light" -  Author Armen Mkrtumyan, Armenia.Video clip was created for SPARE International Contest




"Save Our Planet" -   Author Vitalik Antonyuk, Ukraine. Video clip was created for SPARE International Contest.




"Leave Your Mark" -  Video clip was created by the 10 E/g, Lyceum №1, of the city Grodno,  BelarusVideo clip created for SPARE International Contest.




"Protect the World, Use Solar Energy" -  Authors: Natia Muladze, Giorgi Gogbaidze, Vakho Aminashvili, Izabela Lutidze, Tamar Kardava from N167 Public School, Tbilisi Georgia. Video clip was created for SPARE International Contest.



"Save Energy to Save the Earth" - Author Vova Vuvyk from N2 Lyceumm of the city Shostka, Sumy region, Ukraine Video clip created for SPARE International Contest.




"Save Energy, Save Ukraine" -  Author Zakhar Zagola, Volodimir Volinski Gymnasium Ukraine.





"Save Wattiki" -  Author Sophia Lisenko N98 Collegium, Zaporozhe, Ukraine.





"Advices On Energy Saving"  - Author Valeria Gerasimova, 11-year old school student from №1 Gymnasium of city Shakhtinski, Kazakhstan.  Video clip on the basic useful advices was  created for SPARE International Contest.



"Be Energy Saver" - Authors:  Nanuka Shalinovi, Ana Tsukhishvili, Elene Kuprashvili and Mariam Tsukhishvili.N23 and N15 Public schools of the city Kutaisi, Georgia.



"Learning to Save" - Author Karina Kravchenko from the city Ordzhonikidze, Ukraine.





"We are Saving the Energy" - Authors: Dimitri Starikovich and Kiril Filipov , 17- year old school students from the № 11 Secondary Public School of the village Novodolinski, Kazakhstan. Video clip was created for SPARE International Contest.




"Nature is You" - Authors: Georgiy Bulay, Malvina Bulay, Medelina Kazaky from the Gymnasium of the village Alchedar, Moldova. Video clip was created for SPARE International Contest.




"Tale on the Ecology"  - Author Alexender Melnikov, 8th grade class, Khizovsk Public School, Belarus Video clip  was created for SPARE International Contest.

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