Create and Upload  Video on YouTube 
Tag it with #domorewithless2016

Create and Upload Video on YouTube Tag it with #domorewithless2016

SPARE (School Project on Application of Resources and Energy) is the world’s largest school program on efficient use of energy and resources. Currently more than 300,000 pupils in 11 countries participate in SPARE every year, while the network of SPARE schools now exceeds 5,000.
The main goal of SPARE is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate dangerous climate change. The fastest and cheapest way to reach that goal is to use the energy we have, more efficiently. 1 kWh saved is so much more valuable than 1 kWh produced. The possibilities to use energy more efficient in our everyday lives are endless, and to change habits does not mean that you have to reduce comfort or quality of life!
So, if you agree that we should all be more efficient and not waste any energy and resources, and if you are under 17 years old, then we invite YOU to join the competition and waste as much as possible of a resource you have in abundance, your creativity!
The competition
1.    Use your imagination and your creativity - draw, present, build, bake, paint, play, sing, speak or just do anything that can illustrate the important message and make a video of what you are doing. Use humor or be serious. You do not need any fancy equipment, using your phonecam is also okay. The video should not be longer than 3 minutes and it have to answers one or more of these questions: 
    How can we live better and have more fun – but in a way that use less energy or resources?
    How can we make our friends, colleges, parents, neighbors or politicians understand the importance of doing more with less? 
    What have you done to do more with less?

2.    Upload your video to YouTube 
Make the name of the video in this format: NAME OF THE VIDEO # DOMOREWITHLESS #NAME OF YOUR COUNTRY (For Example I SAVE THE WATER #DOMOREWITHLESS #BELARUS), see also description in the end of this document.
Write  following information: i) name of video , ii) your name, iii) name and address of your school including city/village and country, iv) video is made for SPARE competition.
Write some tags for your video, tags can make your video more popular.
Then you mail the link to: In the mail you  write:  i)  name of video, ii) your name, iii) your age, iv)  name and address of the school  including city/village, iv) country you live in. 
NB: If you do not provide this exact information, your video will not be part of the competition!

3.    Now share and promote the video! 

4.    Final deadline for uploading of videos is April 1st 2016. Remember – the later you upload, the smaller is the chance for getting lots of views! 

The competition process will now be as follows: 

5.    National competition: If you live in a country with a SPARE coordinator, a national part of the competition may be arranged. Check out and your country to find information about this. If there is a national competition, after February 1st a jury will decide winners among the videos with most likes. A local reward is given, and the national SPARE coordinator may help to translate the winning video into English and support in promotion of the video in the international competition. 

6.    International competition: All videos compete in the international competition. The competition is  between video makers from SPARE countries and from any other country. 

The 20 videos with most views and likes in the international final will be judged by a jury. The deadline for counting number of views and likes is April 1st 2016.  The international jury will also assess the content of the video. Is the information correct? Is it original? Is it authentic? The jury then decides the winners of the competition based on views, likes and the content of the video.
The winner of the international competition will be announced by May 1st 2016. 
A reward of 500 euros is given to the best video; second and third place gets a reward on 250 and 125 euros. If you have a SPARE coordinator in your country, the award will be provided through them. 

We look forward to your contribution!

Guideline to uploading on Youtube:

-    And always remember to:

Be Efficient – The biggest impact we can make is by doing more with less. We are all wasters of energy, whether by letting all the heat out of our houses because of poor insulation or leaving the lights on in empty rooms.

Be Green – The easiest and cheapest way to cut back on our greenhouse gas emissions is simply using and buying less stuff. We can also leave our cars in the garage and walk, cycle or take public transportation when getting around. You’ll save a lot of money and get better health!

Be Active – The best thing you can do for the planet is to be active. Being active means telling other people about what you have learned and what you feel is right and wrong. It’s about telling your friends, family and neighbors about the challenges that we are facing and showing them the solutions. It’s about talking to your local politicians to put more effort in keeping a healthy and sustainable environment where you live.

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