Successful actions of Energy Saving Day – 2016 in Central Federal District of Russia.

Successful actions of Energy Saving Day – 2016 in Central Federal District of Russia.

Authors: O.Kalmykov, L. Zhirina

Editors: Marina Shelkunova, a teacher of foreign languages Gymnasium №1 Bryansk region, Bryansk region.

The methodical seminars, practical trainings, brain storms, art-actions and some other actions in more than 60 schools of the Bryansk, Smolensk, Kaluga, Oryol, Yaroslavl and Tver regions helped to warm schools, houses, and flats. The motto of Energy Saving Day this year: "Effective and economical use of heat".

Step One: The Russian and regional SPARE coordinators constituted and distributed posters, new books and methodical tutorials which were prepared specially for Energy Saving Day in 2016. The posters and books on the subject "Energy Efficient Building" got a high appreciation. The presentations of implementation of the SPARE program and Energy Saving Day were developed for the schools working according to federal programs of inclusive education (simultaneous training for the children of different opportunities).

Step Two: School students conducted brain storms and reflected their ideas in drawings, compositions, hand-made articles, working models and videos. School students of the Kaluga, Yaroslavl, Tver regions made laboratory experiments on ecological and energy balance during the using of local available resources for heating of Russian furnaces, fireplaces, winter greenhouses.

Step Three: Each school – the participant of Energy Saving Day-2016 carried out a week of practical affairs. The windows were warmed in September.. Were connected warm a carpet Warm rugs for feet were made in computer classes, entrance doors were also warmed. Street closers for doors were made. The coordinator of these actions in Bryansk was the headquarters of pupils of professional teacher training college.

Step Four: We conducted monitoring and the analysis on the room warming. We also collected materials on house winterization. Each school showed the creative and practical works taking part in such games as "Fight for each degree", art-actions, events "Warmth to Each House"

Step Five : All schools sent many photos from each stage of the actions. Regional coordinators sent letters of acknowledgement to each school for participation in Energy Saving Day.

Many school students consider that they could increase temperature in the placements only by 1-3 degrees by their own efforts.

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