11 November  International Day of  Energy Efficiency   

11 November International Day of Energy Efficiency  

On 11 November 2016, Energy Efficiency Festival  was organized by EcoVision in the old part of Tbilisi.   The Day of Energy Efficiency was established and introduced  by SPARE International Program to raise public awareness on the benefits of energy efficient and energy saving lifestyle.

NGO sector, universities, elementary and secondary schools and private sector participated in the Energy Efficiency Festival organized within the SPARE Program.  Many energy efficient equipments and innovative technologies were introduced, participants made short presentations on  their activities  in addressing   climate change,  and on the various energy efficiency promoting materials. Promotion of alternative energy resources was another important component of Energy Efficiency festival scenario. The visibility component of the festival was picturesque, easily targeting both the interested audience and nearby walking pedestrians, also school children  as a major part of SPARE Program were traditionally involved  by taking a lead in the  specially staged karaoke  and SPARE quiz completion.  EcoVision along with energy efficiency issues  put focus on the waste management and recycling through Trash Art provided by the office staff. Winners of the Energy Efficiency quiz completion  were granted with various energy efficient small equipment. Representatives of the Ministry of Environment Protection of Georgia  and Tbilisi City Hall were among guests traditionally attending events organized by SPARE International Program. 

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