Teacher-Facilitators Training  was Conducted by SPARE ENERGY HUB                                                            on 3 and 4 November,2016 in Kyiv.

Teacher-Facilitators Training was Conducted by SPARE ENERGY HUB on 3 and 4 November,2016 in Kyiv.

A two-day training for teacher-facilitators was conducted by SPARE ENERGY HUB Ukraine on 3 and 4 November 2016 in Kyiv. Training program was pillared on three major questions: i) How it is possible to become facilitator for education process; ii) What is difference between teacher lecturer and teacher facilitator?; iii) What facilitation methods exist and how they could be used for teaching the climate change and energy saving thematic issues?                                                 The training module was designed with multiple-testing method: open questions, role playing games, quests and brainstorming to bring together the best ideas and practical experiences in a team work.

Oksana Styozhka, Deputy Director of Dniprovokam'yanskу school, from Dnipropetrovsk region expressed her view: "During 2-day training I acquired  useful knowledge and skills; The part of the training on the specifics and differences between  moderator, tutor, coach, mentor was particularly interesting to me. The introduced  work format  such as forum theater and world café were very interesting as a tools for facilitation. The training module enabled each participant to go through tastings individually. Of course, I will put in practice all acquired knowledge in my school, and will  share it at a  regional level. "

As a result of the 1st stage of the SAPRE ENERGY HUB the teachers involved into the program  developed lessons that integrates the  themes on climate change and energy efficiency issues.

The goal of the SPARE ENERGY HUB Ukraine is to create the school hubs as a strong network across the country to support the integration of  climate change and energy efficiency issues into the curriculums of the of line school subjects.  

Within the Training of Trainers  component, which is an important part of the program, it is planed by already trained teachers to provide trainings for other teachers in the school, and to continue with seeking for likeminded person to make the team larger and stronger in schools. The component Training of Trainers  is a real opportunity for capacity building of schools to  introduce and  exercise the SPARE program.  

Kateryna Miroshnicheko, Coordinator of SPARE Ukraine Program shares her view: Sharing through Training of Trainers  component is an important activity of the program. Knowledge of climate change, energy efficiency issues, and the SPARE Program brings teachers to the  better position to creatively develop programmatic part of lessens to have included the environmental issues there.

Elena Zastavnyuk  a Methodist-teacher from the city Slavutich, Kyiv region speaks of her experience: “During the training I acquainted with the colleagues from various schools with the same vision that environmental issues and climate change should be integrated into the school program. Bringing together the ideas by likeminded people gives a strong impact to me to move ahead with more enthusiasm.

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