Science Picnic 2016

Science Picnic 2016

On 24 September 2016 EcoVision within the SPARE Program  participated in the Science Picnic 2016 organized in Vake Park, Tbilisi.  This year Ilia University Science Picnic was conducted within Tbilisi Festival of Science and Innovation organized by the Ministry of Science and Education  of Georgia.  

EcoVision presented SPARE as the largest environmental education program in Georgia focused on the energy saving, energy efficiency and the climate change thematic issues.  Many people visited pavilion tent of EcoVision and acquainted with the energy saving devices and various publications, posters developed within the program for promoting energy efficient and ecofriendly lifestyle.  EcoVision organized Quiz Contest for school children on the thematic issues of climate change, energy efficiency, biodiversity,  protected areas of Georgia and world wide, natural resources and the wastes.   All winners of the Quiz Contest were granted with presents.  EcoVision conducted masterclasses on the reuse of garbage.

EcoVision organized audio voice competition on identification of animals and birds through audio voices. Songs created by EcoVision for various programs and entertainments vastly contributed to the positive environment created around the pavilion tent of EcoVison.  

Science Picnic is traditionally organized by Ilia State University as an open-air event for information sharing and popularization of natural sciences. The primary goal of the event is to raise awareness of youngsters on the innovations and achievements of sciences, and  especially the natural sciences.

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