19-21 May, 2015 - Media Presentation and Open Lessons on Energyefficiency.

19-21 May, 2015 - Media Presentation and Open Lessons on Energyefficiency.

Open Media presentations and open lessons on the application of energy saving technologies in living apartments were conducted within International Energy Forum – 2015. The media presentations and trainings were conducted by the experts from the “Center for Energy Efficiency” Saint Petersburg , SPARE Project/ “Friends of the Baltic” NGO, and the “Climate Secretariat of the Social-ecological Union of the Russian Federation”. 

Media presentations and interactive trainings “Energy efficiency in the living apartments took place at the congress- exhibition center of EXPOFORUM. These events were conducted within Social-ecological Union’s campaign under the slogan  “Energy Efficiency – The most big, clean and cheep energy resource of Russia.

During master classes participants acquainted with information about energy saving developed by “Friends of the Baltic” and “Center for Energy Efficiency”. They got information on what they can do in everyday life.  Led lamps, aerator, motion sensor, dimmers from the portable energy suitcase were presented at the master classes as a sample of energy saving and energy efficient practical kits. The portable energy suitcase has been developed within the SPARE Program as an energy saving and energy efficient demo kit.
Visitors also acquainted with the interactive cognitive game “Alphabet on Energy Savings” developed within the SPARE Program by teachers of the youth center “Peterhof” that is a winner of the national contest  “Energy and Environment “. The cognitive component of this game is developed in a way that each alphabetic letter  introduces, explains  or provides an  advices through  narratives and poems on energy resources, energy saving, energy efficiency and energy safety thematic.

School students through master classes were involved in team completion on energy saving activities. On the case of one family example, through analyzing data  on the consumed energy and water per each family member was more than enough  to convince every team member on how much energy  could be easily saved by application of  very simple energy saving methods  such as: i) use shower instead of bath,  ii) replacing ordinary  lamps by led lamps.

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