SPARE Intentional

SPARE is an international school project that has been run by Naturvernforbundet/Friends of the Earth Norway since 1996. The motive for the project is to improve education on key global environmental issues today, climate change and sustainable energy, which we find insufficient everywhere.

Through SPARE pupils learn how to use energy and resources efficiently. Active SPARE schools conduct education on sustainable use of energy and resources, implement practical measures on energy efficiency or renewable energy, and finally inform the neighbourhood about their achievements.

The educational activities in each country are coordinated by national NGOs, who also promote education on energy and environment into the national educational plans as well as simple technologies for energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. 300 000 pupils in around 3 000 schools in Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are active within the SPARE educational programme.

SPARE has developed two sets of educational materials, one for pupils aged 7-8, and one for pupils aged 10-14. The main material is a book for the teacher, while each country has developed different didactical materials for the pupils in addition.

The main implementation strategy of SPARE is adaptation of teacher guides and methodologies for each country, as well as training of teachers. Teacher training is often made in cooperation with institutions for retraining of teachers. In addition we implement a number of international events every year, as an International competition, and the International energy saving day.

School activities have proven to be an efficient channel for energy information and promoting energy efficiency in households. On the basis of SPARE, national NGO coordinators, schools and other partners cooperate for development and implementation of simple low cost energy efficiency and renewable energy measures at schools and in private homes. SPARE has many partners in different countries, from ministries of education and environment, institutes for retraining of teachers, local administrations, UNDP and other local donors and organisations.

The program is financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You are welcome to join in as partners in promoting sustainable energy!