About us

About us

SPARE (School Project for Application of Resources and Energy) -is an international school program managed  by Naturvernforbundet (Friends of the Earth Norway) since 1996. SPARE school program is designed to raise awareness of school children from the early-school age period, on the global environmental process and the countries’ individual  capacity for the sustainable development. Environmental education, sustainable energy solutions and climate change  are the key thematic issues for the international cooperation of the Program.   

SPARE program has been implemented in each country by local environmental NGOs,  working under the guidance of Naturvernforbundet and in closely cooperation with public schools, national environmental experts, academia and  educational institutions of country. SPARE program develops textbooks, guidebooks and other publications as a part of informal education,  and at its first stage provides trainings for school teachers, administrative staff and students  on environmental protection, rational use of natural and energy resources, application of renewable energy resources, and on the following  stage the program supports to create an enabling environment for the further lobbing the integration of environmental  and energy issues into the natural sciences subjects  of the national curriculum of each country. SPARE Program has developed two sets of educational materials, one for 7-8-age group category, and the other one for 10-14-age group category.

More than 300 000 pupils from about 3 000 schools from Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are members of  SPARE family.

The program is financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.